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From Pramod Srinivasan <pra...@juniper.net>
Subject automatic update of server set at the client on reconfig
Date Thu, 31 Mar 2016 23:54:07 GMT
Hello Folks

I am playing with reconfig to grow the zookeeper cluster dynamically, what
I observed is that the C client library (donĀ¹t know about the java client)
does not automatically reconfigure to the new server set after reconfig.
So if I go from Zookeeper server set [a, b, c] -> [a] -> [a, d, f] -> [d,
f, g], the client who was connected to server [a, b, c] will loose
connectivity to zookeeper and the session will close once we reach [d, f,
g]. If my application monitors the server config changes and feeds the
client library with the new server set using zoo_set_servers, the session
continues to be in connected state. Is this observations correct?

Any reason why the C client library should not automatically reconfigure
itself with the server set by monitoring the zookeeper config path?


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