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From Eugene Liamkin <eugene.liam...@topdownsystems.com>
Subject Re: Windows release build of 3.5.0-alpha unreliable connect
Date Wed, 08 Jul 2015 15:04:30 GMT
Does anyone have any updates on this?

> On Jul 1, 2015, at 2:32 PM, Eugene Liamkin <eugene.liamkin@topdownsystems.com>
> I am getting a lot of "Watcher SESSION_EVENT state = CONNECTED_STATE” notifications
from main watcher when using the Cli (3.5.0) compiled in release mode on Windows 8.1.
> Sometimes I get a few of those just on connect, but might get a lot more when issuing
commands like “ls /"
> Also getting occasional errors like this one:
> handle_socket_error_msg@2837: Socket [X.X.X.X:2181] zk retcode=-2, errno=10035(Unknown
error): unexpected server response: expected 0x55943074, but received 0x55943071
> None of that is happening with Cli (3.5.0) compiled in debug mode on Windows.
> Is this a known issue? Any workaround or patch for this?
> Thank you

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