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From "Wyngaard, Jane R (3980-Affiliate)" <Jane.R.Wynga...@jpl.nasa.gov>
Subject Re: Zookeeper not starting but not reporting any problem either
Date Tue, 05 May 2015 23:29:41 GMT
Hi John,

Thanks for the replies!

Interesting - I didn¹t have JAVA_HOME set either, but alas I still get the
same status response.

I think I have all of that correct -

My config files all have:


- My reading said they should all know about each otherŠ?

- Data directories paths are the same but each is on it¹s own machine - ?

- I hadn¹t actually remembered to change the port numbers - but I get the
same issue commenting out the 2nd and 3rd servers and only standing up the
first anyways soŠ?

- I¹m presuming the 2888:3888 is a range and so doesn¹t need to be unique
- ?

Any mistakes in any of that?

Thanks again,


On 05/05/2015 16:06, "jlindwall" <jlindwall@yahoo.com> wrote:

>I was not even aware of "zkServer status"; weirdly it gives me that same
>message that you get even though I know my node is working properly! :(
>You can't use the same config file for all of your nodes; each needs a
>unique clientPort and dataDir.  Is you ensemble supposed to be 3 nodes?
>Then you need three conf files, each largely the same except the unique
>I mention above.
>If you are taking your first baby step, get a single node (standalone)
>zookeeper running and then move on to an ensemble.
>Good luck!
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