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From "Jürgen Wagner (DVT)" <juergen.wag...@devoteam.com>
Subject Re: Data part in z-node
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2014 06:05:04 GMT
Hello Yogesh,
  it depends on what you want to do. In any case, a znode is not an
attribute-value store but simply a container for a single array of bytes.

If you will tend to update a whole set of attributes at the same time
and retrieve them as a set, you could put that into a format of your
choice, e.g., assign the znode /Controller1 the value

set /Controller1 ip=,port=8383,type=spare,user=svc_node_11


set /Controller1 '{"ip": "", "port": 8383, "type":"spare",
"user": "svc_node_11"}'

or XML

set /Controller1

If you want to update fields separately and maybe also retrieve them
separately, it is advised to put data into different znodes:

set /Controller1/ip
set /Controller1/port 8383
set /Controller1/type spare
set /Controller1/user svc_node_11

If you always retrieve some fields together, you could replace the first
two in the example by

set /Controller1/address

The benefit of having separate znodes is also that you can set watches
in a more fine-grained fashion, e.g., if you're only interested in
changes to the ip and port (or address) attributes.

Best regards,

On 13.11.2014 06:37, Yogesh Patil wrote:
> Hi,
> Pardon me if this turns out to be too silly a question.
> My understanding of znode and data at that node was: like UNIX file stores
> data spanning multiple lines, znode can also have multiple data values.
> However it seems that was wrong.
> I ran following set of commands and I could see that each znode can only
> store one data unit (say some string).
> [zk: 15] set /Controller1 IP=
> [zk: 16] get /Controller1
> IP=
> [zk: 15] set /Controller1 port=6655
> [zk: 16] get /Controller1
> port=6655    <<<<< See data field 'IP' is lost and overwritten by port
> does that mean I have to create one znode for every type of data that I
> want to store??
> i.e.
> [zk: 15] set /Controller1/IP
> [zk: 15] set /Controller1/port 6655
> Kindly let me know if I am missing something here.
> Thanks,
> Yogesh Patil
> Graduate Student
> University of Florida


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