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From Mudit Verma <mudit.f2004...@gmail.com>
Subject renaming a znode
Date Mon, 16 Jun 2014 13:37:37 GMT
Hello People, 

Sorry for asking many questions these days. :)

I am wondering if it is possible to rename a znode?  I am building a distributed map on top
of zookeeper for special needs. From time to time, I need to freeze the map without restricting
write access to the map. 

I plan to do it by maintaining two maps:


all the map entries are maintained as separate children znodes where key is the name of the
child node and value is the value stored on the child node .. 
							for example  /map_current/entry1(kv)

Now at some point of time, I need to iterate the map while still allowing write access by
other clients. While I iterate, I don’t want other clients to see these entries. Once I
process map_frozen entries I will delete them (I don’t need them anymore) by just deleting
the parent node.  

I plan to rename existing map from map_current to map_frozen and create new map as map_current
with empty data for further writes.  Other clients will continue to write new entries in map_current
.. so on so forth .. 

Any suggestions on how can I do it efficiently. 

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