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From Mudit Verma <mudit.f2004...@gmail.com>
Subject Asynchronous API's and monotonicity
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2014 15:32:47 GMT
Hi Zookeeper Users, 

Lately, I have been working on a research project where I want to use zookeeper as a distributed
logging service. 

I want to build a queue on top of zookeeper (also provided in recipes). 

What for: 
Intention is to insert some operations performed by different clients in a distributed queue,
and process them lazily at some later point of time.  And I want some ordering between these

5 physical  zookeeper servers

The problem is: 
In my current setup, I am observing a latency of about 13 ms per enqueue operation (using
synchronous create APIs with sequential flags). I want to significantly reduce this time.
The other way could be to use asynchronous zookeeper calls  but I am not sure what can be
the side effects. Would it still be monotonous when used with SEQUENTIAL flag?  

For example, a  client X created a SEQUENTIAL node Z1 at time t1 using async create, same
client created another SEQUENTIAL node Z2 at time t2 where t2 > t1. Would the monotonic
number associated with Z1 be lesser than that of Z2? 

Your help is much appreciated. 


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