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From Michi Mutsuzaki <mi...@cs.stanford.edu>
Subject Re: Load on Zookeeper cluster?
Date Wed, 09 Apr 2014 01:25:54 GMT
> So my question is what does this line mean at the end? Does it say, it can
> do a get request call at a rate of 2557 requests per second?
>      get         100           znodes  in     39 ms (0.390978 ms/op
> 2557.689587/sec)


> Also I was interested to see how much load a 3 node ZK cluster can handle.
> In my case, most of the call will be "get" (get the data from only one
> znode) on the ZK cluster So with the above test I should be able to get some
> idea right?

How many ZK clients do you expect to have? I would run the same number
of zk-latency.py instances with higher number of operations to get a
more accurate picture. The performance also depends on whether you use
asynchronous reads or synchronous reads.

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