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From Mark Farnan <devm...@petrolink.com>
Subject Question about multi rack/DC support
Date Sat, 11 Jan 2014 19:59:18 GMT

I would like some guidance about designing a zookeeper architecture to support the following
multi site scenario.
Based on what I read about the way elections work,  I’m concerned the below won’t be possible.

1. I have a need to run some applications, which use zookeeper for state (Kafka for Example).
 And run it as a single system, across multiple sites. 

2. Environment consists of 3 sets of servers,  Call them Rack A, B & C.    Each set consists
of a rack of equipment with multiple (20+) machines in it.    

3. Each Set/Rack is located in a different  part of the building complex,      but ALL are
connected by high speed network. (1gb/s or better). 

4.  In NORMAL operation,  ALL 3 Rack’s will be up and running,  

5.  In a failure OR maintenance scenario,   it can reduce to 2 racks running, (1 shutdown),
 OR  only 1 Rack running (2 racks shutdown). 
	Racks are shut down relatively regularly for maintenance and patching, (at least every couple
of months) or for Disaster testing. 

I can’t change the network configuration, and have limited control over when they shutdown
various racks for maintenance. 
Note 1:    This is not an abstract problem,  the setup exists, and there is a similar  same
setup, but only 2 Racks (A & B),  in at least 2 other sites.  

Note 2: 	There are not other ‘sites/racks’  in which to put some kind of election broker
node.  I only have these 3 locations to choose from. 

Question is:  Is it possible to run Zookeerer in this environment,  supporting  ONE rack running
(hard), and also both ‘everything running’ (easy),  ‘2 Racks running’ (easy)

All Assistance gratefully appreciated

If anyone has run a similar setup and would like to discuss further,  I’d be more than happy



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