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From Thawan Kooburat <tha...@fb.com>
Subject Re: Maximum size of a snapshot
Date Tue, 16 Jul 2013 04:50:34 GMT
Max snapshot size: 

Here is my take on these issue,  others feel free to add or correct.

1. Depends on how much RAM your machine has.  Snapshot is should be less
than the available RAM since everything is loaded into memory.
2. Depends on what is the availability guarantee that the client needs.
If there is leader election, every machine need to reload the data from
disk. So the quorum will be down for at least the same as snapshot loading
time. The session timeout on the client side should be at least longer
than expected downtime during leader election.

Thawan Kooburat

On 7/15/13 8:46 PM, "Sergey Maslyakov" <evolvah@gmail.com> wrote:

>I have a couple of sizing questions to the users and developers. Hope, you
>don't mind answering those.
>What is the guideline for the maximum reasonable size of a DataTree that a
>single ZK server can manage? If ZK server writes out a snapshot of about
>1GB in size, is it pushed beyond the limits or is it still manageable? If
>so, where is the critical threshold when ZK is really being abused?
>Similarly, how can I estimate the propagation delay of a change across an
>ensemble of three ZK servers?
>Thank you,

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