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From Chewy <f.loo...@gmx.net>
Subject Zookeeper Internals & Dyn. Reconf.
Date Mon, 15 Jul 2013 18:31:39 GMT
Hi all,

I could really need some help here.

My task is to implement time-bound references for (not with) zookeeper. that
is, server-configurations are bundled to grouped references (much like the
config-command provides) and each reference guarantees a certain lifetime.
Furthermore, there are some security and reliancy issues to be considered.
The specific topics are not so important here, I only got some more general
Questions on adapting the Zookeeper code.

I worked myself in the depth of the implementation, but there are still a
lot of unsolved technical problems left Only some of them at this point of
time are these:

- How can I extend the reconfig-request by certain parameters? What classes
do i have to change? I found some, but most of time i´m searching, i´m
ending up in dead ends. 

- How can I implement fixed zNodes to the DataTree so they are created when
servers startup, like the /zookeeper/config node? I tried to by changing the
DataTree.java, doing everythingthe same way it´s done with the config zNode.
The Datatree structure can see the DataNode, but the standard-client does
not. What did I miss?

- Are there any possible ways to let servers themselves cast requests like
the ZooKeeper.class does? I didnt find anything, so I guess I have to extend
the servers by a ZooKeeper-Instance. In what classes on server side would I
do that? I tried to insert an instance of zk in QuorumZooKeeperServer, but
it doesnt seem to be able to establish a connection to the service (i want
it to connect to its host-peer only). so i set the connectionstring to
"localhost:" + clientportnumber of the server, which i got from the server
itself. I created an instance of zk, but it threw an connection loss
exception when trying to set up a request.

I´s appreciate any help. Thank you in advance (and another thanks to Alex
who already helped me via mail 2 weeks ago)



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