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From Matt Wise <m...@nextdoor.com>
Subject Re: zk_watcher 0.3.1 released
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2013 22:49:52 GMT
We finally got around to writing up the blog post discussing the Nextdoor Service Registry


We've been using this module in our Django app (and in zk_watcher) for months now with great
Its a fast and simple way to dynamically configure your Python-based app with dynamically
updated server
and service lists.


On Jan 5, 2013, at 4:00 PM, Matt Wise <matt@nextdoor.com> wrote:

> PyPI Page: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/zk_watcher
> GitHub: https://github.com/Nextdoor/zkwatcher
> 'zk_watcher' has been bumped to v0.3.1 and had nearly a complete rewrite. Though there
are a ton of small changes, there are two major changes to the code.
>  1. We've thrown away the Zookeeper C-based bindings (zc.zk backend) and replaced them
with our own 'nd_service_registry' library (based on Kazoo). This simplifies the zk_watcher
code because it doesn't really do much now on its own to track Zookeeper connections or node-status's.
Instead, it focuses on its main job of proving whether or not your services are up and running.

>  2. The non-threaded model has been replaced with a threaded model. I know there are
concerns with threading in Python ... but this new model is actually safer in the event that
one of your 'check' commands fails to return in a reasonable amount of time. Additionally,
our threading model is very simple and under testing has proved to be very reliable.
> There are a whole ton of other internal changes... and a few feature enhancements as
well. The entire changelog can be found here:
> https://github.com/Nextdoor/zkwatcher/compare/v0.1.0...v0.3.1
> We've been running this release in production for the last 3 weeks without any issues...
but as usual, if you find bugs, please let us know!
> --Matt
> (ps, nd_service_registry will get its own announcement/documentation email after a few
more weeks of tuning/tweaking. its entirely functional right now, but further documentation
is necessary before we really ask other people to use it. that being said, it can be found
here https://github.com/Nextdoor/ndserviceregistry)

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