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From Hanno Schlichting <ha...@hannosch.eu>
Subject ANN: Kazoo 1.0b1 (connection handling refactoring)
Date Sun, 24 Feb 2013 13:26:30 GMT
Kazoo 1.0 beta 1 has just been released.

The biggest change is a large refactoring of the internal connection
handling, without any changes to the consumer API's. While this should
improve robustness and speed, it hasn't seen as much production usage
as the former code. Therefor we are marking this release as beta -
until the code has proven itself a bit more. We do encourage anyone to
give it a spin though.

If you want to share your experience or discuss kazoo, please feel
free to use our new dedicated mailing list at

On behalf of the Kazoo team,

Full changelog:

1.0b1 (2013-02-24)


- Refactored the internal connection handler to use a single thread.
It now uses a deque and pipe to signal the ZK thread that there’s a
new command to send, so that the ZK thread can send it, or retrieve a
response. Processing ZK requests and responses serially in a single
thread eliminates the need for a bunch of the locking, the peekable
queue and two threads working on the same underlying socket.

- Issue #48: Added documentation for the retry helper module.

- Issue #55: Fix os.pipe file descriptor leak and introduce a
KazooClient.close method. The method is particular useful in tests,
where multiple KazooClients are created and closed in the same

Bug Handling

- Issue #46: Avoid TypeError in GeneratorContextManager on process shutdown.

- Issue #43: Let DataWatch return node data if allow_missing_node is used.

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