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From Benjamin Reed <br...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Getting confused with the "recipe for lock"
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2013 04:28:14 GMT
> Does this mean that session_expired event may be triggered all by
> zk-client-library itself ?(by something like a built-in client-local
> timer, without notification from zk server? )
> (I am digging into the source code, but in case of misunderstanding of
> the code, I need your confirmation please)

our general rule with zookeeper is to either give the correct answer
or say "i don't know". connection loss is the zookeeper version of i
don't know. you will only get the session expired event when the
client gets confirmation from a server that the session is really
gone. this means that even if a client is disconnected for days, you
will not get the session expired until client connects to the server
and the server tells it that the connection has expired.

>> HBase region servers went into gc for many minutes and then woke up still thinking
they are the leader
> Could this happen if I just follow(correctly and without a
> client-local timer or external fencing resources) the recipe for
> distributed clock?

this did happen with hbase. client-local timers don't help. there are
multiple problems going on: if a process is the leader and the gc
freezes time (or the process gets swapped out or the hypervisor
suspends the vm) right before the instruction that can only be
executed by a leader (send database update for example), when time
unfreezes, the rest of the system knows the leader has changed,
another thread in the process might be figuring it out, local timers
might be ready to fire, but the "leader instruction" will execute
since that is the next instruction for the CPU to execute.


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