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From "Carroll James (Nokia-LC/Malvern)" <james.carr...@nokia.com>
Subject Unrecoverable ConnectionLossException after server restart
Date Wed, 28 Nov 2012 06:18:59 GMT
I'm seeing (what I think) is incorrect behavior from ZooKeeper.

When I start a client, connect to a server, and then restart the server, the client (I thought)
was supposed to eventually reconnect. It doesn't. It continually throws a ConnectionLossException
on every use, the ZooKeeper client isAlive is true, I never get a SESSION_EXPIRATION, and
I can see the client side ephemeral ports listed in the error message counting up as if it's
continually attempting to reconnect.

If I recreate the ZooKeeper client, the new client connects and I can use it.

So I could simply react as if I got a SESSION_EXPIRATION exception and rebuild the client
state, except the a ConnectionLossException is something I ALSO get when I get a network partition.
When I periodically recreate the entire client from scratch in response to a ConnectionLossException
I eventually run out of file descriptors and my entire process is hosed. This seems to be
related to the use of nio and the repeated opening of pipes and anon_inodes (which show up
in an lsof).

Am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions?

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