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From Jaewoong Choi ...@yahoo-inc.com>
Subject Authentication mechanism
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2012 19:46:05 GMT

I got a question regarding ZooKeeper's authentication mechanism.  Let me describe a scenario

1. ZooKeeper server started up with a customized AuthenticationProvider (e.g. XyzAuthenticationProvider
which authentication scheme is "xyz") enabled with -Dzookeeper.authProvider.1=class.path.to.XyzAuthenticationProvider
2. But all znodes (including "/" and "/zookeeper") haven't been assigned any ACL of neither
this "xyz" scheme or "auth" scheme s.t. they are open to the world by default.
3. At this stage, any ZooKeeper client without any authInfo ( who hasn't invoked org.apache.zookeeper.ZooKeeper#setAuthInfo
) are permitted to do anything!!  e.g. It can create znodes under "/" and etc.

This is what I verified with my test using zookeeper_server-3.4.3 and zookeeper-3.4.3 client

Here come some questions.

1. Is the above scenario true?
2. Isn't there any access control on "Connect" permission level regardless of znode-level
ACLs? For example, can we deny client connection before its access to any znode when it comes
without a valid authInfo?

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