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From Jordan Zimmerman <jor...@jordanzimmerman.com>
Subject ANN: Curator 1.2.2
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2012 01:28:31 GMT
* NOTE: The 1.0.x branch is not being released and has been deprecated. It was advised many
ago that this was coming. So, here it is.

* For ZKClient Bridge: 1. Previous method of sending initial connect event to ZKClient was
unreliable; 2. Added an option to not close the curator instance

* The default connection timeout has increased to 15 seconds. The default session timeout
increased to 60 seconds. These both can now be overridden via system properties:
"curator-default-connection-timeout" and "curator-default-session-timeout".

* Thanks to Ben Bangert: the InterProcessSemaphore waiting semantics weren't ideal. The nth
waiting node has to wait for all nodes in front of it. I've improved this a bit. However,
the algorithm
used still suffers from potential out of order acquisition as well as potential starvation
if a given client
does not release a lease. Therefore, I'm deprecating InterProcessSemaphore in favor of the
InterProcessSemaphoreV2 which is based on Ben's algorithm.

* Issue 164: The PathChildrenCache no longer clears its internal state when there is a connection
issue. Consequently, the PathChildrenCacheEvent.Type values have changed. Instead of a RESET
there are events that match the ConnectionState events.

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