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From Jordan Zimmerman <jor...@jordanzimmerman.com>
Subject Re: ZOOKEEPER-1437
Date Sun, 14 Oct 2012 21:03:04 GMT
No - I haven't. I can't find that release on the mirrors. Do I have it build it myself?

On Oct 14, 2012, at 1:58 PM, Hanno Schlichting <hanno@hannosch.eu> wrote:

> On Sun, Oct 14, 2012 at 10:49 PM, Jordan Zimmerman
> <jordan@jordanzimmerman.com> wrote:
>> I running in to what looks like a regression in ZOOKEEPER-1437. What I don't understand
is why SASL is being used at all. Is it always on? I'm connecting a 3.4.4 client to a 3.3.5
ensemble. The only wrinkle is that my connection string is "localhost:2181".
> Did you try the 3.4.5 candidate?
> From what I understood some versions of the JDK have a default SASL
> configuration and some don't. So even if you don't use SASL yourself,
> you could still run into a problem with 3.4.4. Thus the 3.4.5
> emergency fix release.
> Hanno

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