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From Ben Bangert <...@groovie.org>
Subject Re: Python C binding or C API has password byte mishandling bug
Date Thu, 23 Aug 2012 00:58:34 GMT
On Aug 22, 2012, at 4:38 PM, Ben Bangert <ben@groovie.org> wrote:

> I tweaked the C layer to output this after connection:
>                    LOG_INFO(("Password is: %02x", zh->client_id.passwd));
> Granted, I should probably use a better print modifier, I'm a C newb unfortunately. This
is what I see in my logs during the problem:
> ZooKeeper: INFO: check_events@1747: session establishment complete on server [],
sessionId=0x139507b99fe00c6, negotiated timeout=10000
> ZooKeeper: INFO: check_events@1748: Password is: 2502978
> kazoo.testing: DEBUG: Password is: 

For a possibly more helpful message, I changed it to:
LOG_INFO(("Password is: %#llx", zh->client_id.passwd));

Here's a failure with that:
ZooKeeper: INFO: check_events@1749: Password is: 0x101883698
kazoo.testing: DEBUG: Password is: c46b53ec5b9290, length: 7

Here we can see that the C layer got a password (not sure on C encoding if thats 16 bytes
or not), and the Python one was 7 characters (prolly 6 chars, it seems to count one extra).
So something is quite wrong here, and of course supplying the wrong password gets a session
expired issue.

If someone that knows C better can translate that password back to the raw bytes, perhaps
it'd be a good test case somewhere to see that the bytes aren't mucked up someone on the way
to Python.

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