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From Jordan Zimmerman <jzimmer...@netflix.com>
Subject Ann: Curator 1.1.16/1.0.17
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2012 22:24:22 GMT
* Merge 114 from amuraru: Make sure internal executor services are not started until startup.

* Merge 116 from samuelgmartinez: Fix for Issue 115: Wrong behaviour in LeaderLatch when a
loses connection

* Issue 118: Ignore nonode exceptions when deleting lock path

* Added a non-reentrant mutex: InterProcessSemaphoreMutex. This mutex doesn't have the threading
restrictions that InterProcessMutex has. This should help with issues 75 and 117.

* Merge 122 from ithaka that addresses Issue #98 - JsonInstanceSerializer does not deserialize
custom payload types. IMPORTANT! This change introduces a breaking incompatibility with List
that will show up in environments that mix the old code and the new code. The new code will
throw a
JsonMappingException when it attempts to read a List payload written by the old code. The
old code,
when it reads a List payload generated by the new code, will generate a list with two elements,
the first of which is the class name of the List type, and the second of which is the original

* Issue 121: Apply bytecode rewriting to turn off JMX registrations to TestingServer as well

* Issue 125: Use ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor instead of blocking threads that have period

* Issue 126: Added getNamespace() method.

* Issue 120: Additional check for connection loss in DistributedDoubleBarrier.

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