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From Jordan Zimmerman <jor...@jordanzimmerman.com>
Subject ANN: Exhibitor 1.2.0
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2012 03:38:05 GMT
* The S3Client could potentially leak connections due to https://forums.aws.amazon.com/message.jspa?messageID=296676

* Issue 26: Make sure default prefixes don't use underscore as it's reserved

* Include activity class name in log message

* Issue 28: log4j.properties wasn't being written correctly. Thanks to user "mgarski".

* Use the latest Curator version

* Lots of fixes/tweaks for automatic instance management.

* ExhibitorArguments is now constructed via a builder as there are too many combinations for
simple constructors. Note that there is an additional required ExhibitorArgument:

* Rolling Config change wasn't handling dead/down instances. It would just hang waiting for
instance to come back. This doesn't work for instances being removed by automatic instance
Now, Rolling Config will skip instances that don't respond in a reasonable time. If they come
back on
line they'll get the updated config anyway.

* Down or Not-Serving instances will now get restarted periodically (by a factor of 10 times

* IMPORTANT: For some internal reasons I needed to change the separator in S3 backup keys
from "|" to
"/". This will make any current backups inaccessible. I apologize for this.

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