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From Narasimha Tadepalli <Narasimha.Tadepa...@pervasive.com>
Subject RE: Distribution Problems With Multiple Zookeeper Clients
Date Wed, 16 May 2012 19:46:02 GMT
Hi Camille

Sorry for the confusion. Yes it is watches. We have multiple clients configured to watch on
event change at server end. For example we have a data directory of /data/345/text. All 30
clients keep watching for event change under /data/345 directory if there is any change clients
need to process and read the child nodes. In this situation not all clients not getting equal
events. I am looking for a way to distribute the load equally to all client instances. I hope
I provided enough clarification now or else let me know.


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Subject: Re: Distribution Problems With Multiple Zookeeper Clients

I'm not sure what you mean by messages. Are you talking about watches? Can you describe your
clients in more detail?


On Tue, May 15, 2012 at 1:29 PM, Narasimha Tadepalli < Narasimha.Tadepalli@pervasive.com>

> Dear All
> We have a situation where messages are not distributed equally when we 
> have multiple clients listening to one zookeeper cluster. Say we have 
> 30 client instances listing to one cluster and when 1000 messages 
> submitted in
> 30 mins to cluster I assume each client approximately supposed to 
> receive
> 33 messages. But out of 30 only 10 client instances taking max load 
> and rest of them getting very low volume of messages. Is it something 
> can be configurable in zookeeper settings or need to implement some 
> custom solution at our end to distribute equally? Before I reinvent 
> the wheel looking around for some suggestions if any of you faced similar situation.
> Thanks
> Narasimha

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