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From Matthew Ward <m...@pixelpipe.com>
Subject Delegating Load within Quorum
Date Sat, 21 Apr 2012 00:25:45 GMT

I am running an ensemble of 3 zookeepers (version 3.3.4) which coordinate the activity of
many async worker threads. A pattern I am observing is that when we start up the worker threads,
they all establish a connection to the first zookeeper listed in the address string. What
we would like to happen is for each worker box to round-robin (or randomize) the initial connection
to the quorum to better distribute load. The other 2 zookeepers do not get any traffic. 

I thought I read someplace that it is preferable to keep the address string the same across
the workers...... short of randomizing the quorum order in the address string across the workers
- is there a quick and easy way to accomplish this?


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