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From Mike Schilli...@perlmeister.com>
Subject ZooKeeper Memory Usage
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2012 01:23:12 GMT
We've got a ZooKeeper instance that's using about 5 GB of resident
memory. Every time we restart it, it starts at 200MB, and then grows
slowly until it is back at 5 GB.

The large footprint is related to how much data we've got in there.
What's interesting, though, is that the process size doesn't shrink if
we purge some of the data.

Now, this isn't a big problem, I'm just curious if the process will fall
over at some point if it can't get more memory or if it'll just make due
by caching less data.

Also, if I remember correctly, there's a configuration variable to set
the maximum size, what happens if ZK reaches that?

-- -- Mike

Mike Schilli

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