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From Jordan Zimmerman <jzimmer...@netflix.com>
Subject Re: Connections take longer in 3.4.x?
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2012 00:26:29 GMT
These are highly contrived scenarios. They all involve unit tests and the
jerry-rigged TestingServer that I use for Curator

>How much longer? 
It turns out that I had a number of tests that (incorrectly) were not
waiting for SysConnected. I had to add in a wait (Curator's
blockUntilConnectedOrTimedOut()). So, the implication is that when using
ZK 3.3.x SysConnected for my unit tests was nearly instantaneous and now
it takes more than a few milliseconds.

>Under load or just generally slower.
No load at all. These are just unit tests, 1 or 2 connections.

>jdk versions change?
java version "1.6.0_29" (Apple)


On 1/3/12 4:20 PM, "Patrick Hunt" <phunt@apache.org> wrote:

>On Tue, Jan 3, 2012 at 4:02 PM, Jordan Zimmerman <jzimmerman@netflix.com>
>> I'm updating Curator to 3.4.x (3.4.2 to be exact). A lot of my tests
>> failed and the culprit is that it appears to be taking a lot longer to
>> the initial SysConnected. Of course, this is a flaw in my tests, but I
>> thought I'd mention it and see if anyone else has noticed this.
>How much longer? Under load or just generally slower. What's your
>ensemble setup/config look like? jdk versions change?
>Can you try it using the cli? zkCli.sh/ZooKeeperMain.class
>Might be interesting to compare log detail on the server (with trace
>turned on).

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