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From Ludwig Pummer <ludwigp-zookee...@chip-web.com>
Subject digest ACL znodes always return ZNOAUTH (zkCLi and perl)
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2012 09:00:08 GMT

I'm just getting started with ZooKeeper and am having very little luck 
with digest ACLs.

I couldn't figure out the syntax for creating digest acls from zkCli 
(create nor setAcl), but I did manage to set ACLs on nodes using the 
perl bindings.

However, I cannot read the node back.

"addauth digest user:pass" in zkCLI is accepted, but the subsequent get 
results in a KeeperException$NoAuthException.

 From the perl binding (Net::ZooKeeper 0.35), get always returns -102 

I'm running zookeeper 3.3.4.


$ ./acltest1.pl
add_auth ok
created path /acl0000000028 with acl
node /acl0000000028 get error: -102
node /acl0000000028 has stat info:
   czxid: 230
   mzxid: 230
   ctime: 1327308018904
   mtime: 1327308018904
   version: 0
   children_version: 0
   acl_version: 0
   ephemeral_owner: 0
   data_len: 5
   num_children: 0
   children_zxid: 230
node /acl0000000028 has ACL entry:
   perms:  31
   scheme: digest
   id:     user:smGaoVKd/cQkjm7b88GyorAUz20=

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