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From Botond Hejj <Botond.H...@MorganStanley.com>
Subject leader election length
Date Mon, 12 Dec 2011 17:06:09 GMT
Hi ZooKeeper users,

I am playing currently with zookeeper and testing what happens if the
leader of an ensemble goes down.
I know that during the leader election zookeeper server won't reply to
any requests and if leader election takes a long time than existing
sessions might expire.
What I see in my tests that each server reads the last snapshot file
to get last zxid for leader election and when the leader is elected
than the leader reads the snapshot again before it syncs the

This means that the more data we store in zookeeper the longer it
takes to elect a new leader. This is also means as load of the
ensemble increases clients need bigger session timeout to "survive"
the loss of the leader.

Is it possible to do anything about this and have a fast leader
election even if the snapshot is big?

Botond Hejj

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