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From Jordan Zimmerman <jzimmer...@netflix.com>
Subject Re: Missing session state handling in most Leader Election implementations
Date Mon, 14 Nov 2011 23:13:27 GMT
The default retry policy is good (exponential back-off).

>Maven central seems to be quite behind the tags on your github.
I'm trying to keep it up to date. However, it takes about a day for the
various caches on the net to pick it up. I'll release a new version today
with this change.


On 11/14/11 3:08 PM, "Jérémie BORDIER" <jeremie.bordier@gmail.com> wrote:

>Hello Jordan,
>This sounds like a good way to go, assuming the retry policy is
>reasonable enough. By the way, what RetryPolicy would you recommend ?
>Also, what's completely off topic but what's the best way to grab
>latest curator releases ? Maven central seems to be quite behind the
>tags on your github.
>Thanks again !
>On Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 11:41 PM, Jordan Zimmerman
><jzimmerman@netflix.com> wrote:
>> It turns out that this is tricky to solve. When the server you're
>> connected to goes down, you get a
>> However, it could be that you are able to reconnect to another server so
>> the disconnected event should be ignored. My solution is to watch for
>> Watcher.Event.KeeperState.Disconnected and then execute a sync() (using
>> the currently configured retry policy). If that sync fails, Curator will
>> call the unhandledError() method of the LeaderSelectorListener. This
>> like the best way to handle this. Thoughts?
>> As an aside, as part of working on this I now have a TestingCluster
>> that will create, in memory, n ZooKeeper servers in an ensemble. This
>> could be useful to everyone :)
>> -JZ
>> On 11/14/11 3:25 AM, "Jérémie BORDIER" <jeremie.bordier@gmail.com>
>>>I'd be really happy to
>>>contribute as we plan on using Curator, but I think this may impact
>>>all the recipes so you're probably the best person to link these bits
>Jérémie 'ahFeel' BORDIER

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