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From <Semyon.Cher...@ubs.com>
Subject Upgrade of the cluster. Data completion check
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2011 16:13:43 GMT


We have the project built on zookeeper-3.3.3 which starts the cluster,
just simple wrapper on zk lib.

Every version of the project has its own path to zookeeper's data/tx
folders. But all configs (number of nodes, client ports, etc) - the

We release a new version and want to deploy it without stopping the
Let's say we change from version A to B

We are executing:

1. stop node 1 of cluster (v. A)
2. start node 1 of cluster (v. B)
3. stop node 2 of cluster (v. A)
4. start node 2 of cluster (v. B)
And so on.

The data is automatically transferred to the data/tx directories of the
newly started nodes from the still running nodes of project version A.

The question is: is it possinble to check that the transfer of data
completed? Is it correct that it starts automatically?

Action 1, 2, 3, 4, ... can be automated but if they are executed too
fast I suppose it's possible to get the incompleted data on the nodes of
project's B.

Thank you

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