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From Gustavo Niemeyer <gust...@niemeyer.net>
Subject Re: Debian packager orphaning ZooKeeper
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2011 21:18:43 GMT
> I had a long talk with Thomas at Buzzwords.
> He is far more congenial in person than on the mailing lists.

Whether he's kind or not isn't really the concern at this point.  The
point is that there are real issues being raised publicly.  ZooKeeper
has a good track record on stability, but I have already heard the
code isn't clean or pleasant from different people.  It is also true
that some features have been taking a very long time to land. These
are pretty interesting points for a software project.  Is that the
case?  Is there an intention to clean up the code base?  Are features
taking too long?  What's scheduled for the current milestone and when
is it going to be released?

If you debate about these concerns over the phone and don't discuss
them publicly, what stays is a message on debian-devel pointing out
that "Live is too short for crap." [sic]

Gustavo Niemeyer

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