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From Ted Dunning <ted.dunn...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: 答复: swap
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2011 09:45:20 GMT
There is no way to answer this without a LOT more information.  If you
want a good answer instead of guesses, you need to provide this
additional information.

In general, you have to account for ALL of the uses of memory on the
machine.  There are many uses and you can't simply give Zookeeper a
heap that is as large as your memory.  You also have to determine
whether the swap being used is simply because of memory over-commit or
if the machine is actually swapping.

My guess is that the Zookeeper team is not going to be able to help
you.  The problem here is not Zookeeper related, but is simply a basic
system administration issue.

You need to find a local expert who can look at your system to
determine what the situation is.  The expert should be a linux expert,
not a zookeeper expert.

On Mon, Jun 13, 2011 at 7:09 AM, Donna Li <donna.li@utstar.com> wrote:
> Thanks ted.
> I want to know the relation between java heap size and swap. Zookeeper physical memory
is enough, but swap is used by 302064k. Should I increase my java heap size or decrease my
java heap size?
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> 发件人: Ted Dunning [mailto:ted.dunning@gmail.com]
> 发送时间: 2011年6月13日 14:33
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> 主题: Re: swap
> This sounds like a question with a story behind it.
> Do you mean that your ZK server filled up all of memory and caused the
> machine to start swapping?
> If that is your problem, then there really is no fix other than to not
> do that.  The reason is that Zookeeper is memory based so if you don't
> have enough memory, either because you are over-filling Zookeeper or
> have insufficient memory, then things aren't going to work.
> Turning off swap may be one of the worst things to do in this case
> since the machine will tend to fail harder instead of just getting
> very slow.  That can make recovery more difficult.
> On Mon, Jun 13, 2011 at 5:52 AM, Donna Li <donna.li@utstar.com> wrote:
>> Hi, all:
>>        How to avoid swap on zookeeper server?
>> Best Regards
>> Donna li

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