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Subject [GitHub] [zookeeper] xoiss commented on a change in pull request #999: ZOOKEEPER-2891: Invalid processing of zookeeper_close for mutli-request
Date Mon, 29 Jul 2019 17:16:47 GMT
xoiss commented on a change in pull request #999: ZOOKEEPER-2891: Invalid processing of zookeeper_close
for mutli-request
URL: https://github.com/apache/zookeeper/pull/999#discussion_r308342478

 File path: zookeeper-client/zookeeper-client-c/src/zookeeper.c
 @@ -2010,24 +2010,28 @@ static void process_sync_completion(
-        sc->rc = deserialize_multi(cptr->xid, cptr, ia);
+        sc->rc = deserialize_multi(cptr->xid, cptr, ia, sc->rc);
         LOG_DEBUG(("Unsupported completion type=%d", cptr->c.type));
-static int deserialize_multi(int xid, completion_list_t *cptr, struct iarchive *ia)
+static int deserialize_multi(int xid, completion_list_t *cptr, struct iarchive *ia, int rc_hint)
-    int rc = 0;
+    int rc = rc_hint;
     completion_head_t *clist = &cptr->c.clist;
     struct MultiHeader mhdr = { STRUCT_INITIALIZER(type , 0), STRUCT_INITIALIZER(done , 0),
     deserialize_MultiHeader(ia, "multiheader", &mhdr);
     while (!mhdr.done) {
         completion_list_t *entry = dequeue_completion(clist);
-        assert(entry);
+        if (rc_hint == ZOK) {
+            assert(entry);
+        } else if (entry == NULL) {
+            break;
 Review comment:
   > Can you explain why this is the right point to exit the loop and the method?
   What is the alternative??
   Please, read this: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/ZOOKEEPER-2891
   I have revised it again now, and indeed, I don't have more detailed explanation.
   The best is try to reproduce this under debugger. You may use unit-tests published here.
   If you still have questions, please, formulate more specific question, or a use-case (scenario)
that I can reproduce.
   > To my eyes, it is cleaner to have rc_hint == ZOK as a conditional on the while statement
or perhaps a return rc down a few lines where it is set on error.
   If we put `rc_hint == ZOK` directly into the `while`-conditional-expression then we have
to put there also (1) assignment of `entry` and (2) analyzing the value assigned to `entry`
-- i.e., two code lines: `completion_list_t *entry = dequeue_completion(clist);` and `if (entry
== NULL)`. Note also that `entry` is a local variable of the while-loop-body, and C99 does
not allow local variable declarations right in the while-expression.
   So, due to this, it's better to keep things at there original places. I understand that
having additional loop-termination point is not good enough, but sometimes it's a kinda tradeoff.
I wish to keep things as close to the code-before-patch as possible, to minimize the diff.
   > Could we also return immediately from the method is rc_hint is not 0?
   Currently 'yes', because there is nothing between the while-loop-body-end and the final
`return` statement. But there is no lifetime warranty that nothing would be put here between
   Actually, I prefer `break` here because it performs the minimum of the necessary work --
I'm talking about the "Necessity and Sufficiency" -- here `return` is sufficient, but much
more than necessary.

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