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From Enrico Olivelli <eolive...@gmail.com>
Subject Prometheus.io endpoint vs admin server
Date Tue, 23 Apr 2019 18:00:11 GMT
I am working on Prometheus endpoint.
Prometheus client needs to expose an HTTP service, usually it is
mapped at /metrics, the Prometheus serve polls that endpoint
periodically in order to store metrics inside its local database.

We have two ways:
1) bind '/metrics' to the current "Admin server"
2) let the MetricsProvider open another http endpoint

I see value in both of the two approaches.
Approach 1): No new ports, so more "secure" ? more user-friendly ?
Approach 2): If I am not an user of the HTTP Admin Server I would need
to fully enable it if I want to integrate with Prometheus, so a
separate endpoint would be better for me.

In Apache BookKeeper we have all of the two options available (bind to
standard http admin endpoint or start a separate http endpoint)

I would like to see the option of the community.
I am open to any of the two and even to having both of them.


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