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From Andor Molnar <an...@apache.org>
Subject Re: JAVA 11 build is broken on 3.5
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2019 15:36:14 GMT
What are those patches exactly?

Comparing the ported version of 3.5 with master I’ve only found 2 patches which are missing:

ZOOKEEPER-3146 Limit the maximum client connections per IP in NettyServerCnxnFactory
ZOOKEEPER-3177 Refactor request throttle logic in NIO and Netty to keep the same behavior
and make the code easier to maintain

None of them are critical I would say.
Is there anything else I’m missing?


> On 2019. Jan 4., at 16:27, Enrico Olivelli <eolivelli@gmail.com> wrote:
> Il giorno ven 4 gen 2019 alle ore 14:23 Andor Molnar
> <andor@apache.org <mailto:andor@apache.org>> ha scritto:
>> Hi team / Enrico,
>> I’d like to get feedback from the community on the following patch (moving the
discussion from GitHub to here):
>> https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/ZOOKEEPER-3204 <https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/ZOOKEEPER-3204>
>> https://github.com/apache/zookeeper/pull/753 <https://github.com/apache/zookeeper/pull/753>
>> In a nutshell: looks like that Netty 3.10 is broken under Java 11: it doesn’t properly
close the underlying socket (probably not closing the registered NIO selectors) and reconfig
tests are unable to re-bind the ports. This problem is similar that we already fixed in NIO
with the following patch:
>> https://github.com/apache/zookeeper/commit/c3babb94275ad667dc71c10dcb08a383a3c154c2
>> The problem doesn’t show up on trunk which has been recently upgraded to Netty
>> Repro:
>> - Start embedded ZK, stop it and try to restart on the same port, or
>> - Start normal ensemble and reconfig to use different (client) port. Then reconfig
back to the original port which should fail. (that’s the scenario which is covered in ReconfigTest)
>> I created the above patch (#753) to backport Netty 4 upgrade to 3.5 and it fixes
the problem with Java 11 (it doesn’t cause regression in the pre-commit build either), but
Enrico is having concerns about making such big change before the release.
>> I tend to agree, but let’s see what are the options.
>> Thoughts:
>> - Do we have to fix this? - Yes. Java 11 is LTS and I the bug is critical.
>> - Can we fix Netty 3? - Maybe. Let’s say we find the bug in Netty 3, what can we
>>       a) We cannot workaround from ZooKeeper itself and have to submit a pull request
for Netty. I think it’s quite unlikely that they will accept the change given it’s not
a security bug, but even if they did, only the upgraded version of Netty 3 would work properly
with ZooKeeper. Err.
>>       b) We can workaround it from ZooKeeper: that could be option #1, but I have
a strong feeling about it’s not going to be the case.
>> - Shall we upgrade to Netty 4? - this is option #2
>> Please share your thoughts, maybe you know about an option #3.
> Thank you Andor
> I have thought more about this problem, and I have checked that Netty
> 3 is really dead/unmantained (last release in 2016).
> If I understand correctly there is no easy workaround (nothing without
> hacking Netty 3 internals)
> As soon as we will declare 3.5.5 "stable" the world will hopefully
> abandon 3.4 and switch to 3.5 + Netty (because of SSL support).
> The network stack is very important so it is better to have Netty 4 as
> foundation, I am thinking about security issues, we won't make an
> "hotfix" release with the switch to Netty 4 because there is a bad bug
> in Netty 3.
> So better to switch now.
> But Facebooks friends, expecially @ivmaykov did a lot of bugfixes
> around Netty on master branch, we must be sure that what we are
> delivering in 3.5.5 is stable.
> We will also have to state clearly in the "release notes" that Netty
> version is changed, as this may have a non trivial impact to memory
> usage (i.e. Netty 4 uses more Direct memory by default)
> So to recap my final opinion: +1 to switch to Netty 4 if we take care
> of port all of the fixes around Netty 4 from master branch and we
> state the switch clearly in the release notes
> Enrico
>> Regards,
>> Andor

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