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From "毛蛤丝" <maoling199210...@sina.com>
Subject Re:ZooKeeper two issues review
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2018 14:01:05 GMT
About the ZOOKEEPER-3167:good feature,just go ahead.follow the guideline I had provided,then
we can start from there.look at the patch you had attached,some quick comments:0.if(key.contains(path)).
 contains???1.don't use Chinese annotations.2.notice the order of import and don't import
*.3.don't include the irrelevance file4.add a unit case.

Best regards

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发件人:田毅群 <tianyiqun@qiyi.com>
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主题:ZooKeeper two issues review
日期:2018年10月22日 00点43分

Hi, all

I proposed a Jira issue to commit ZooKeeper codes. I was asked to follow the new issue. So
firstly I need to send an email to describe my two issues.
First one:  
Jira:  https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/ZOOKEEPER-3167.
Purpose:  add an API to get total count of recursive sub nodes of one node

In production environment, there will be always a situation that there are a lot of recursive
sub nodes of one node. We need to count total number of the
 node. Like this.(We want to get all the subnodes of nodeA.)

2. Now, we can only use API getChildren which returns the List<String> of first level
of sub nodes.(We can only get the nodeB list directly). We need to iterate every sub
 node to get recursive sub nodes. It will cost a lot of time.

3. In zookeeper server side, it uses Hasp<String, DataNode> to store node. The key of
the map represents the path of the node. We can iterate the map get total number of all levels
 sub nodes of one node.
Second One: 

Purpose:  Reduce session revalidation time after zxid roll over

1. Sometimes Zookeeper cluster
 will receive a lot of connections from clients, sometimes connection number even exceeds
1W. When zxid rolls over, the clients will reconnect and revalidate the session.

2. In Zookeeper design structure, when follower server receives the session revalidation requests,
it will send requests to leader server, which is designed to be responsible for session

When LearnerZooKeeperServer receives reconnection, it will send revalidation requests to LeaderZooKeeperServer.
LeaderZooKeeperServer will face a lot of pressure.

3. In a short time, Leader will handle lots of requests. I use a tool to get the statistics,
some clients need to wait over 20s. It is too long for some special clients, like ResourceManager.

4. I design a thought: when zxid rollover happens. Leader will record the accurate time. When
reelection finishs, all servers will get the rollover time. When clients reconnect and revalidate
 session. All servers can judge it. So it can reduce a lots of pressure of cluster, all clients
can will wait for less time.

These are my two issues. Help to review the solution is right or not. Thank you a lot.
QIYI.com, Inc.
手机:+86 157 2140 1256

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