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From Patrick Hunt <ph...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Question on merge script
Date Wed, 09 May 2018 18:05:13 GMT
On Wed, May 9, 2018 at 1:18 AM, Flavio Junqueira <fpj@apache.org> wrote:

> Hey Michael,
> I was trying to merge yesterday a PR generated against branch-3.5, and
> fetching the PR branch did not give me the merge script. I ended up asking
> the contributor to change the target branch to master so that I avoid any
> small hacks with the merge script.
fwiw that's not the workflow I use. I always fetch the latest repo content,
then switch to the master and use the script to merge/push a PR. It doesn't
matter which PR or branch you want to merge, you just run the script off
master and it handles the rest. If the branch/PR is off 3.4 it all just

> We should consider doing the following two things, and let me know if it
> makes sense:
> 1- Clarifying that if a change is supposed to go to both branch-3.5 and
> master, the PR should be against master

As long as it applies cleanly to master and br35 (etc...) this is not
really necessary. You use the merge script to merge it into the target
branch, then after you push that change to apache git repo it will ask you
if you want to merge to other branches. Typically I would ask the OP to
post multiple PRs if there are conflicts. I don't usually commit to just
one branch if the change is necessary for multiple branches and there are
conflicts. (I wait for all the PRs covering all the branches cleanly)

> 2- Perhaps merging to branch-3.5 so that I see the script when I fetch a
> PR branch off branch-3.5. This is unusual, but it is not unreasonable that
> we have eventually PRs for branch-3.5 only.
> I'm focusing on 3.5, but the same reasoning applies to 3.4.
I always just start with master checked out and run the script. Seems fine
to me and it means we don't need to maintain multiple versions of the
scripts and keep them in sync. What's the benefit of doing otw?


> -Flavio
> > On 9 May 2018, at 01:49, Michael Han <hanm@apache.org> wrote:
> >
> > Hi Flavio,
> >
> > The merge script is branch agnostic - it only cares about the pull
> request
> > number. As long as in the pull request the correct target branch is
> > specified, the merge script will do its job by merging the change to the
> > specified target branch. I guess we could commit the same script to
> > branch-3.5 but the current script in master should be able to do what you
> > asked.
> >
> > On Tue, May 8, 2018 at 4:06 PM, Flavio Junqueira <fpj@apache.org> wrote:
> >
> >> Could anyone remind me why we don't have the merge script on branch-3.5?
> >> Say I have a change that targets branch-3.5 alone. Shouldn't I be able
> to
> >> have a PR that targets branch-3.5 and use the merge script?
> >>
> >> Thanks,
> >> -Flavio
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > --
> > Cheers
> > Michael

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