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From shralex <...@git.apache.org>
Subject [GitHub] zookeeper pull request #411: ZOOKEEPER-2684 Fix a crashing bug in the mixed ...
Date Tue, 31 Oct 2017 20:26:51 GMT
Github user shralex commented on a diff in the pull request:

    --- Diff: src/java/main/org/apache/zookeeper/server/quorum/CommitProcessor.java ---
    @@ -246,33 +246,51 @@ public void run() {
    -                     * Check if request is pending, if so, update it with the
    -                     * committed info
    +                     * Check if request is pending, if so, update it with the committed
                         LinkedList<Request> sessionQueue = pendingRequests
                         if (sessionQueue != null) {
                             // If session queue != null, then it is also not empty.
                             Request topPending = sessionQueue.poll();
                             if (request.cxid != topPending.cxid) {
    -                            LOG.error(
    -                                    "Got cxid 0x"
    -                                            + Long.toHexString(request.cxid)
    -                                            + " expected 0x" + Long.toHexString(
    -                                                    topPending.cxid)
    -                                    + " for client session id "
    -                                    + Long.toHexString(request.sessionId));
    -                            throw new IOException("Error: unexpected cxid for"
    -                                    + "client session");
    +                            // TL;DR - we should not encounter this scenario often under
normal load.
    +                            // We pass the commit to the next processor and put the pending
back with a warning.
    +                            // Generally, we can get commit requests that are not at
the queue head after
    +                            // a session moved (see ZOOKEEPER-2684). Let's denote the
previous server of the session
    +                            // with A, and the server that the session moved to with
B (keep in mind that it is
    +                            // possible that the session already moved from B to a new
server C, and maybe C=A).
    +                            // 1. If request.cxid < topPending.cxid : this means that
the session requested this update
    +                            // from A, then moved to B (i.e., which is us), and now B
receives the commit
    +                            // for the update after the session already performed several
operations in B
    +                            // (and therefore its cxid is higher than that old request).
    +                            // 2. If request.cxid > topPending.cxid : this means that
the session requested an updated
    +                            // from B with cxid that is bigger than the one we know therefore
in this case we
    +                            // are A, and we lost the connection to the session. Given
that we are waiting for a commit
    +                            // for that update, it means that we already sent the request
to the leader and it will
    +                            // be committed at some point (in this case the order of
cxid won't follow zxid, since zxid
    +                            // is an increasing order). It is not safe for us to delete
the session's queue at this
    +                            // point, since it is possible that the session has newer
requests in it after it moved
    +                            // back to us. We just leave the queue as it is, and once
the commit arrives (for the old
    +                            // request), the finalRequestProcessor will see a closed
cnxn handle, and just won't send a
    +                            // response.
    +                            // Also note that we don't have a local session, therefore
we treat the request
    +                            // like any other commit for a remote request, i.e., we perform
the update without sending
    +                            // a response.
    +                            LOG.warn("Got request " + request +
    +                                    " but we are expecting request " + topPending);
    +                            sessionQueue.addFirst(topPending);
    +                        } else {
    +                            // We want to send to the next processor our version of the
    +                            // since it contains the session information that is needed
    +                            // for post update processing (e.g., using request.cnxn we
send a response to the client).
    +                            topPending.setHdr(request.getHdr());
    --- End diff --
    My understanding is that when a request is in the local queue, there is (or could be)
a client attached to this server waiting for a response, and there is other bookeeping of
requests that are outstanding and have originated from this server (e.g., for setting the
max outstanding requests) - we need to update this info when an outstanding request completes.
In the other case, the operation originated from a different server and there is no local
bookeeeping or a local client session that needs to be notified. 


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