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From Abraham Fine <af...@apache.org>
Subject ZooKeeper Chat
Date Thu, 09 Mar 2017 20:07:25 GMT

I believe having a healthy chat platform could be great for the
community and increase engagement for both developers and users. 

Currently ZooKeeper has an IRC channel on freenode but it does not seem
to be heavily used right now. I think this may be related to IRC's
shortcomings, primarily the difficulty in keeping state between chat
sessions and a high barrier to entry for new users.

So I think it may be valuable for us to explore some other options. 

Slack (https://slack.com) seems to be the popular choice these days but
it does not natively support open signups (being able to just click a
link on a web  page and join a room rather that getting an invitation
beforehand) without some hacky tools (https://github.com/rauchg/slackin)
 and the free tier has a limited search history.

Gitter (https://gitter.im) is also popular for open source projects and
ties auth to GitHub. It is free with unlimited users and message

Mattermost (https://about.mattermost.com) appears to be a great open
source solution that we would need to self host. It has desktop and
mobile clients that should make using it easy. 

There are also a couple of solutions on top of IRC such as 
http://ircv3.net and https://www.irccloud.com but I am not very familiar
with them.

It would be great to hear what everyone thinks. Are things fine as they
are right now or is it worth exploring another chat solution?


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