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From Eugene Koontz <ekoo...@hiro-tan.org>
Subject Re: 3.4 Release.
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2011 14:16:33 GMT
On 8/2/11 10:32 PM, Patrick Hunt wrote:
> What type of ec2 instance are you running on? I've seen some failures
> due to underpowered/underresourced systems.
> Is ObserverTest consistently failing?
> Patrick
Hi Patrick,
     It's an m1.large. I have ulimit -a set so that open files and open 
processes are at 100,000.

   If I run ObserverTest on its own using the attached shell script 
repeat.sh (src/repeat.sh ObserverTest), it usually fails within 20 
iterations; (although in the following pastebin it took 38 iterations to 

It always fails in the same place, at ObserverTest.java:101:



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