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From Eugene Koontz <ekoo...@hiro-tan.org>
Subject Re: 3.4 Release.
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2011 01:28:47 GMT
On 8/2/11 5:26 PM, Patrick Hunt wrote:
> Eugene you saw my email about that test and ulimit right? Make sure
> you have ulimit for max files and max processes>  1k, that was the
> issue I had (max proc was set to 1024).
> Patrick
Thank you Patrick, no; I missed your earlier email about max processes. 
I increased my max processes to 100000 by adding to 

ec2-user     soft     nproc         100000
ec2-user     hard     nproc         100000

It was great to see that QuorumZxidSyncTest passed after doing this (as 
well as ReadOnlyModeTest, which I neglected to metion, also failed 
before) .

Unfortunately, now ObserverTest fails.

So let me try increasing nofiles similarly and see if that helps 
(although I doubt this would be a factor, because it passed earlier with 
its currently limit of only 1024 max open files).


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