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From Stone <stones....@gmail.com>
Subject Is there any way to set a string name for a ledger and how to do checkpoint ?
Date Wed, 30 May 2012 08:05:31 GMT

I am new to BookKeeper. Played with the BookKeeper API, I can create a
ledger  like the following:

  val lh = client.createLedger(3, 2, BookKeeper.DigestType.CRC32, "foobar".

and open an existing one with :

val lh2 = client.openLedger(ledgerId, BookKeeper.DigestType.CRC32,

but it seems there's no way to give ledger a string name (or ledger id
manually) like a name for a log file.

Another the question is how can I do checkpointing using BookKeeper ?  What
I need is like write WAL to ledger when the old changes applied I can call

  ledger.checkPoint()  // which can delete old log entries in a certain

Any suggestions ?

Thanks & Best Regards,

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