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From John Nagro <jna...@hubspot.com>
Subject rolling restarts
Date Thu, 03 May 2012 13:39:34 GMT
hello -

I have a cluster with 5 bk nodes, my client settings are to use 3 at a time
with a quorum of 2. I want to upgrade the software of a live cluster from
an older 4.1-SNAPSHOT to a newer one. I am under the impression that I
should not need to upgrade the filesystem since I've already done that when
moving to 4.1.

Am I correct in that I should be able to bring down the nodes one at a
time, replace the jar, and bring them back up. As long as I do it one at a
time the cluster should continue to operate properly?

also - there doesn't appear to be any sort of graceful shutdown code, and
the docs show ^C in a few places - so thats how i've been bringing nodes
down. that is still the standard procedure?


-John Nagro

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