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From Adrian Cole <>
Subject FYI runbook of last release
Date Tue, 04 Jun 2019 07:09:42 GMT
Hi, all.

Below is a runbook of what I used to release zipkin-dependencies
2.3.0, which is mostly following the stuff in the dubbo guide. We are
getting close to a place where we can stamp out and/or possibly
automate this (again), at least the non-human parts.

Hope it helps,


Run the prepare script, but don't push tags in case something messed up

GPG_TTY=$(tty) ./mvnw release:prepare -Papache-release -nsu
-DreleaseVersion=2.3.0 -Dtag=v2.3.0
-Darguments="-Dmaven.test.skip=true" -DpushChanges=false

Copy and checksum the source dist into the dev workspace
mkdir -p ~/oss/dev-zipkin/zipkin-dependencies/2.3.0/
cp target//*
cd ~/oss/dev-zipkin/zipkin-dependencies/2.3.0/
shasum -a 512
svn add .
svn ci -m"zipkin-dependencies 2.3.0"

If that didn't error out, push the tags and run the verification
script. Currently the last step of verification fails for known
reasons unrelated to the health of the dist

cd -
git push
git push --tags

docker run --rm -ti
abesto/openzipkin-contrib-apache-release-verification   --module
zipkin-dependencies --zipname-template
--github-reponame-template '{incubator_dash}{module}.git' --version
2.3.0 --gpg-key BB67A050 --git-hash

Presuming above things worked, run the perform script which uploads to
the artifact directory
GPG_TTY=$(tty) ./mvnw release:perform -Papache-release

Then, close the [staging
repo]( and send the

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