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From Ignasi Barrera <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Zipkin (incubating) version 2.13.0
Date Thu, 09 May 2019 08:49:06 GMT
+1 (binding)

* Checksums are valid
* Signatures are valid
* The expanded source archive builds with "mvn -DskipTests --also-make
-pl zipkin-server clean install"
* All files have license headers where appropriate. RAT checks pass.
* Expanded source archives match the contents of the RC tags
* All LICENSE and NOTICE files are present and correct
* DISCLAIMER is present and correct
* There are no binary files bundled in the source archives

Things to consider in future releases:

On the distributed release bundle:
* Build instructions in README use "mvnw", but it is not included in
the source release. Instructions need to be updated.
* Update links in the README to point to the site and
apache github repos for those that have already been migrated.
* The are several links relative to "zipkin2" that are broken in the README.
* Download links should not directly point to the dist area, but to
the closest mirrors script, such as

On the website:
* Complete the migration/transfer of the domain. Now it
seems it is out of sync with zipkin.a.o.
* Links in the Quickstart page point to and the openzipkin
repo (the latter is not a big deal since a redirection is in place).
* Quickstart page should encourage using official releases instead of
master. It is good to have instructions for that, but instructions on
how to build official releases should come first, and using
snapshots/devel should be clear marked as non-official ASF releases.

On Fri, 3 May 2019 at 22:53, Andriy Redko <> wrote:
> +1, binding, I have checked
> Naming conventions are followed
> SHA512 checksum matches
> GPG signature verified
> LICENSE, DISCLAIMER and NOTICE exist, look good
> No binary files in the source archive
> The project builds successfuly, tests are passing
> Best Rehards,
>     Andriy Redko
> RSG> Hello Zipkin Community,
> RSG> This is a call for the vote to release Apache Zipkin (incubating) version
> RSG> 2.13.0.
> RSG> The release candidates:
> RSG>
> RSG> Git tag for the release:
> RSG>
> RSG> Hash for the release tag: 7c08091d3f8b0428d1d78839d3bef0f6887746f2
> RSG> Release Notes:
> RSG>
> RSG> The artifacts have been signed with Key: DA805D02, which can be found in
> RSG> the keys file:
> RSG>
> RSG> Verification Hints:
> RSG> For your convenience, the below includes a detailed how-to on verifying a
> RSG> source release. Please note that this document is a
> RSG> work-in-progresshttps://
> RSG>
> RSG> The vote will be open for at least 72 hours or until the necessary number
> RSG> of
> RSG> votes are reached.
> RSG> Please vote accordingly:
> RSG> [ ] +1 approve
> RSG> [ ] +0 no opinion
> RSG> [ ] -1 disapprove with the reason
> RSG> Note:
> RSG>    1. Zipkin-UI contains vendor libraries which will be removed during the
> RSG>    incubation
> RSG>    2. If you're using the verification tool. There are some glitches
> RSG>    including the prompt for GitHub username and password, error messages for
> RSG>    images, dependency-reduced-pom.xml which has an open issue[1]
> RSG> Thanks,
> RSG> The Apache Zipkin (Incubating) Team
> RSG> [1]
> RSG> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> RSG> To unsubscribe, e-mail:
> RSG> For additional commands, e-mail:
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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