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From Adrian Cole <>
Subject next release will be zipkin again :)
Date Wed, 15 May 2019 07:41:12 GMT
Hi, folks.

Before, we chatted about releasing the reporter project next, but as
Rag and I did some big perf work on the codec library, it is better to
release zipkin again (so that reporter and dependencies jobs can use
the faster codec).

So, sometime shortly we'll start another Zipkin release. This is not
just codec, this also adds the highly anticipated throttling and
Elasticsearch 7 features.

Stay tuned!

* Why is faster codec important? Well, any library that uses zipkin's
codec will use less cpu and/or generate less garbage. While most of
our optimizations were read side (ex being able to decode from a
ByteBuffer), there were also some write side optimizations. So, this
means tracers like Brave, analysis jobs like Spark, and stream
processing like Kafka streaming will all benefit (especially if
protobuf format).

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