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From Andriy Redko <>
Subject Re: Is it time to stop supporting Cassandra <3.11.3?
Date Tue, 07 May 2019 01:33:55 GMT
Hi Adrian,

My apologies if I am restating something you guys are aware of, but the
story of Cassandra 4.0 is an interesting one. It's been at least 2 years
since the rumours about Cassandra 4.0 release started to leak, but it is
not there yet (though 4.0 driver is out and it is **completely** different 

The 2.x base is shrinking but I know a few organizations who a) stuck 
with 2.x due to Thrift b) forked 2.x at some point and stayed with that 
(applying own patches since than). I am not sure that these examples
are enough to keep the overhead of supporting 2.x for you guys, so
I would personally lean towards dropping it. Sadly, I am not sure 
anyone is able to tell when Cassandra 4.0 is going to see the light 
of the day, may be @Mick has some insights?

Best Regards,
    Andriy Redko

AC> Here's the cassandra supported version table. While I've read blogs
AC> about Cassandra 4.0, I'm not sure if we can predict when that will be
AC> released. One complicating factor is that our "cassandra3" only works
AC> completely with Cassandra 3.11.3 and 3.11.4, due to indexing
AC> mechanics.

AC> So, if we follow Cassandra's policy we keep "cassandra" until 6 months
AC> after 4.0, as at least one of the below older versions are still
AC> supported until then.

AC> Apache Cassandra 3.0 is supported until 6 months after 4.0 release (date TBD).
AC> Apache Cassandra 2.2 is supported until 4.0 release (date TBD).
AC> Apache Cassandra 2.1 is supported until 4.0 release (date TBD) with
AC> critical fixes only.

AC> On Tue, May 7, 2019 at 12:14 AM Jordi Polo Carres <> wrote:

>> What's upstream policy wrt Cassandra <3.11.3 ?
>> I think we should just follow the same general principle. If maintained
>> upstream, we have to keep it (run CI etc), if not, it's best effort but not
>> ensured.

>> On Mon, May 6, 2019 at 4:18 AM Adrian Cole <> wrote:

>> > Hi, team.
>> >
>> > You may recall that we are maintaining double code for cassandra and
>> > have been for years. This is due to the minimum requirement of our
>> > "cassandra3" storage (3.11.3). Initially the gate was around those
>> > using Datastax, but I am not sure if this problem is valid anymore or
>> > not, as there aren't many details here:
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> > Regardless, we are hitting hard limitations of test runtimes, now.
>> > Cassandra 4 is coming around the corner, which will imply a drop of
>> > Cassandra 2.x support anyway. When should we drop support for
>> > Cassandra <3.11.3?
>> >
>> > Best,
>> > -Adrian
>> >
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