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From Tommy Ludwig <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Zipkin Layout Factory (incubating) version 0.0.5
Date Mon, 29 Apr 2019 03:33:33 GMT

I have run the following for verification:
docker run --rm -ti abesto/openzipkin-contrib-apache-release-verification --project zipkin
--module zipkin-layout-factory --version 0.0.5 --gpg-key 50D90C2C --git-hash 23dbddb426b4113c4b8633808b9ff0df3454e201
--repo dev --zipname-template 'apache-{module}{dash_incubating}-{version}-source-release'
--github-reponame-template '{incubator_dash}{module}.git'

[PASS] Source archive has expected name
[PASS] SHA512 checksum is correct
[PASS] Provided GPG key is in KEYS file
[PASS] GPG signature is valid, made with the provided key
[PASS] Base dir in archive has expected name
[PASS] Git tree at provided revision matches source archive
[PASS] No .gitignore-d files in source archive
[PASS] LICENSE looks good
[PASS] No binary files in the release

I also checked that `mvn test` compiles and runs tests successfully.

On 2019/04/25 23:54:17, Adrian Cole <> wrote: 
> Thanks for checking, Zoltan. I will comment on your question below.
> > Note: the artifact naming here was a bit confusing for me. We have one
> > extra "zipkin-" here compared to previously migrated projects. Compare the
> > URL paths with brave-karaf:
> > *
> >
> > *
> >
> >
> > The salient part is that at "incubator/zipkin/zipkin-layout-factory" we
> > here have an extra "zipkin-", compared to "incubator/zipkin/brave-karaf".
> > Notice how the zip filenames still have the same pattern. This is a minor
> > nit, but might be nice to fix for consistency. Feel free to tell me I'm
> > wrong due to some nuance of Java artifact naming conventions, and this
> > difference is actually intentional and correct.
> The files here are about zipkin, not brave. To make the convention be
> more impactful, we can consider what we do when we release zipkin :)
> It won't be perfectly aligned I mean. However, I do think that
> following the stripped policy (except zipkin's main repo) is probably
> fine and least surprising.. wdyt?
> regardless, we can rename the paths in SVN as they are still created
> manually anyway..
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