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From Adrian Cole <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Zipkin Layout Factory (incubating) version 0.0.5
Date Thu, 25 Apr 2019 23:54:17 GMT
Thanks for checking, Zoltan. I will comment on your question below.

> Note: the artifact naming here was a bit confusing for me. We have one
> extra "zipkin-" here compared to previously migrated projects. Compare the
> URL paths with brave-karaf:
> *
> *
> The salient part is that at "incubator/zipkin/zipkin-layout-factory" we
> here have an extra "zipkin-", compared to "incubator/zipkin/brave-karaf".
> Notice how the zip filenames still have the same pattern. This is a minor
> nit, but might be nice to fix for consistency. Feel free to tell me I'm
> wrong due to some nuance of Java artifact naming conventions, and this
> difference is actually intentional and correct.

The files here are about zipkin, not brave. To make the convention be
more impactful, we can consider what we do when we release zipkin :)
It won't be perfectly aligned I mean. However, I do think that
following the stripped policy (except zipkin's main repo) is probably
fine and least surprising.. wdyt?

regardless, we can rename the paths in SVN as they are still created
manually anyway..

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