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From Adrian Cole <>
Subject Next up: ASF incubating source releases!
Date Sun, 14 Apr 2019 22:41:25 GMT
Hi, team.

You may have noticed that INFRA have moved the following repos


(zipkin-reporter-java had an access glitch on our end, should be done soon)

This means the next release will be apache from each of these. I offer
to handle the main zipkin repo as it probably will be some more
effort. Any volunteers to handle the others?

Notably, zipkin-api and zipkin-layout-factory publish a single jar to
maven. zipkin-api may need a bit more effort as it also publishes to a
website we might want to change to the apache URL. While
b3-propagation has a maven build, I don't think we actually release
anything, so that one should be somewhat less effort.

See ya!

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