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From Adrian Cole <>
Subject Let's try to spike first ASF release by fosdem
Date Mon, 07 Jan 2019 11:49:25 GMT
Hi, team.

Firstly, happy holidays and welcome to 2019!

I know we have some efforts underway and folks are coming back from
holidays, some are on a trip to india next week, plus  the usual
January spikes at work. No pressure now, but let's chat about getting
a release attempt in the end of the month.

At the end of January, we have a pow-wow, including our esteemed
DevOps expert Zoltan present for a couple days in a row. We have a
nice opportunity for a few focused on something like getting any
release glitches unglitched.

Knowing people often get things done best in spikes, I'd recommend we
kickoff the preceding week of 21 Jan. I still think brave-kafka is a
good guinea pig as it hasn't been released yet. Knowing some types of
build things take a while to sort out, this gives us ample time to
have a good chance of a real release going on when we are together on
the 30th.

During the 30th and 31st while on site, we can hash out whatever's not
done, and some things that are more nuanced such as docker builds and

What say you?

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