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From Andriy Redko <>
Subject Re: The brave-karaf is migrated!
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2019 16:53:57 GMT
Awesome, nothing for me to deal with :-) Regarding the plugins, you may need to open 
the INFRA ticket, since the permissions to add the plugins are not granted to most 
of us (me included). But these guys are pretty responsive, shouldn't take long if
the need is justified.


ZN> Thanks for the offer, Andriy! I've already set up a pipeline job PoC-ing
ZN> that we can build and collect test results (
ZN> now looking into how test result notifications to GitHub would work. I
ZN> can't seem to find any installed plugins that would allow for that, but I'm
ZN> sure I must just be missing something. Any pointers in that would be
ZN> appreciated :)

ZN> On Wed, Jan 30, 2019 at 4:45 PM Andriy Redko <> wrote:

>> Great progress, Adrian! Sorry, I was not able to join the Gitter, but
>> followed the PRs. Do you need any
>> help with creating initial jobs? Or do you want me to help with getting a
>> few guys to become Jenkins power
>> users (to be able to create pipelines, jobs, etc). Please let me know!

>> Best Regards,
>>    Andriy Redko

>> AC> TL;DR; we are going to try using jenkins as it can magically have
>> access to deploy snapshots.

>> AC> While some of us are more familiar with Travis or CircleCI, there's a
>> special feature we get when using ASF managed
>> AC> infra for builds.. credentials! Basically, we can deploy snapshots
>> with the implicit credentials.

>> AC> There are some other things to look into, for example getting the
>> green check marks when pull requests pass..
>> AC> whether to use jenkins for this (current assumption) or do one of our
>> existing things (circleci and/or travis).
>> AC> There are some constraints because we don't have admin access to the
>> repos which might make jenkins an easier choice
>> AC> for us all around. We'll explore this area over the next day or two.

>> AC> Will keep you posted!
>> AC> -A

>> AC> On Wed, Jan 30, 2019 at 3:36 PM Adrian Cole <>
>> wrote:

>> AC> If anyone is interested, join the gitter channel as we are working on
>> this now.

>> AC> On Tue, Jan 29, 2019 at 3:33 AM Andriy Redko <> wrote:

>> AC> Hi Brian,

>> AC>  We do have a JIRA project for Zipkin [1] but as far as I remember,
>> team was/is
>> AC>  more comfortable with using Github to track the issues (and that's
>> perfectly fine).
>> AC>  If you guys need any help from mentors, please let us know, I thought
>> we wanted to
>> AC>  give Jenkins a try but staying with Travis or/and Circle is not an
>> issue, as
>> AC>  far as the team feels this is the right choice.

>> AC>  [1]

>> AC>  Best Regards,
>> AC>      Andriy Redko

>>  BDS>> I think yeah, probably belongs on the dev list. I've added it in my
>> reply.

>>  BDS>> As far as Jenkins goes. I think leaving things on Travis/Circle for
>> now
>>  BDS>> should be our plan, but I do think we will want to move to Jenkins
>> in
>>  BDS>> the future based on the fragility we have seen with Travis/Circle
>> (the
>>  BDS>> reason we have both). I have a bunch of experience in the pipeline
>> work
>>  BDS>> also so I'd be able to lend a hand here, and I could probably
>> enlist the
>>  BDS>> help of a former colleague who is a bit of a Groovy wizard and
>> wrote our
>>  BDS>> pipeline component library at my last job.

>>  BDS>> This brings me to something I've been thinking about. How do we
>> want to
>>  BDS>> organize these types of tasks/projects? I've been against using
>> JIRA in the
>>  BDS>> past, but specifically for tracking issues/bugs/feature requests.
>> Maybe we
>>  BDS>> should have a JIRA created that we use only for project level
>> initiatives?
>>  BDS>> Like adopting Jenkins for CI, or other infrastructure type things.
>> I don't
>>  BDS>> know, maybe that is too much structure for things that ultimately
>> are not
>>  BDS>> delivering value to the greater community but instead are just
>> helping us
>>  BDS>> stay organized. I had considered Github projects but considering
>> the Org we
>>  BDS>> have access to at that level is not Apache I would feel weird
>> coordinating
>>  BDS>> the Apache tasks from the non-Apache org.

>>  BDS>> On Mon, Jan 28, 2019 at 8:50 AM Zoltán Nagy <>
>> wrote:

>>  >>> Awesomeness, this is pretty exciting :)

>>  >>> Re. the CI system, I think the consensus was that we should change
>>  >>> thing at a time, and keep using Travis / Circle for the time being,
>> just to
>>  >>> avoid duplicating efforts towards many different CI systems. FWIW,
>> like
>>  >>> Jenkins Pipelines a lot, they provide tons of tools and structure
>> that you
>>  >>> kinda have to script with Bash for Travis / Circle, and there's great
>>  >>> support for Java build systems. That said, methinks 2 CI systems
>> (Travis,
>>  >>> Circle) is a bit much, and 3 is definitely too much, so I'd propose
>>  >>> attack the Jenkins-or-not-to-Jenkins issue with a separate effort if
>> we
>>  >>> want to go that way, and focus now on the ASF release process.

>>  >>> The wiki seems to be (back) up now; couple of unresolved questions
>>  >>> there. I think it should be fine to get started with the process,
>> learn as
>>  >>> we go, and document what we learn / decide afterwards. No need for
>> big
>>  >>> up-front planning.

>>  >>> Meta: shouldn't this go to the dev@ list? (Honest question, I'm as
>> new to
>>  >>> the ASF as anyone)

>>  >>> On Mon, Jan 28, 2019 at 12:18 PM Andriy Redko <>
>> wrote:

>>  >>>> Hey guys!

>>  >>>> The brave-karaf repo is migrated to Apache organization, congrats
>> guys!
>>  >>>> This is the
>>  >>>> first but certainly not the last. Should we start integrating it
>> into the
>>  >>>> Apache CI / Jenkins,
>>  >>>> I think I have all the permissions to create the jobs (we probably
>> need
>>  >>>> JDK8 and JDK11 pipelines)?
>>  >>>> I wanted to reread the Wiki page which Zoltan drafted before but
>> Apache
>>  >>>> Confluence is down ... rare
>>  >>>> event but happens :( What do you think guys?

>>  >>>> Thanks!

>>  >>>> [1]

>>  >>>> Best Regards,
>>  >>>>     Andriy Redko

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